Regional development

In our view, sustainable regional development is characterised by economically, socially and ecologically balanced development that integrates the most diverse needs and demands of people and the environment in rural areas.

Our work focuses on the development and implementation of strategies to promote sustainable regional development and regional value chains. We are active in the central fields of tourism and economic development, demographic change and services of general interest or the marketing of regional products. The focus of our work is on the transfer of scientific findings into consulting practice so that our clients can benefit promptly from the latest research results.

We support the sustainable development of regions in particular through the development of regional development strategies, concepts and innovative projects within the framework of regional participation processes, the evaluation of corresponding approaches and innovative pilot projects. We advise regional management on organisational development, control and success monitoring, or execute regional management ourselves.

Contact person at IfLS: Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at], +49 (0) 69/9726683-17)

Projects in the field


Final evaluation of the LEADER process in the LEADER region Oben an der Volme

In the LEADER region Oben an der Volme, the final evaluation of the 2014-2022 funding period is due, as required by the state.

In this context, IfLS Consulting and Projects is supporting the sponsoring association of the regional development of Oben...

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Examination and evaluation of the Local Development Strategies (LES) for the selection of LEADER/CLLD regions in the state of Saxony-Anhalt in the funding period 2021-2027

In order to be recognised as a LEADER region, the territorial settings in Saxony-Anhalt go through a selection process. IfLS Beratung und Projekte GmbH has been commissioned to support the selection process. In detail, the assignment includes the...

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Final evaluation of the LEADER process in the LEADER region Ortenau

The LEADER region Ortenau is facing the end of the 2014-2017 funding period. The current funding period will be extended with the two-year transition phase in 2021 and 2022. Nevertheless, effects and successes of the current LEADER funding are to be...

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Supporting LEADER implementation in Georgia – EMBRACE Tsalka

The project “EMBRACE Tsalka” aims to reduce rural poverty and improve living conditions in Tsalka municipality, Georgia, through the LEADER approach. It addresses economic, social, and environmental concerns by improving agricultural competitiveness,...

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Erarbeitung eines Regionalen Entwicklungskonzepts (REK) für die Limesregion Hohenlohe-Heilbronn

The action group "Limes Region Hohenlohe Heilbronn" applies for recognition as a LEADER region for the funding period 2023-2027. In addition to the establishment of cooperation structures in the form of a regional partnership, a region-specific...

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Conception of the Local Development Strategy for the LEADER Region Lahn-Dill-Wetzlar

With a new local development strategy, the LEADER region Lahn-Dill-Wetzlar wants to build on the successes of the previous funding period and the work done in the past years.

The IfLS accompanies and advises the region in the conception, the...

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Creation of a regional development concept as part of the LEADER application of the Hohenlohe-Tauber region

At the beginning of the new EU funding period 2023-2027, the LEADER region Hohenlohe-Tauber is preparing a new regional development concept (German acronym: REK) in order to apply again as a LEADER region. The client is the Hohenlohekreis as the...

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Elaboration of the Local Integrated Rural Development Strategy for the Region 'From Rhine to Wine'

The Local Action Group (LAG) in formation 'From Rhine to Wine' applies for the first time for recognition as a LEADER region for the funding period 2021-2027. In addition to the establishment of cooperation structures in the form of a regional...

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Information and knowledge dissemination

Building a bright future for rural communities through smart village education and development (RURALED)

The concept of smart villages aims to maintain or increase the competitiveness of rural areas through intelligent networking between companies, civil society and public administration. A central role is played not only by infrastructures or digital...

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Preparation of a handbook containing information about funding programmes of the European Union and the German Federal Republic

The funding handbook of the German Networking Agency (DVS) should be revised for the new EU funding period 2014 – 2020. A wide range of actors from the federal and state governments, funding banks such as the KfW-Bank and the Landwirtschaftliche...

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Local manual for supporting a sustainable development

he current German state programs of the European Cohesion Politics 2014 – 2020 offer a wide range of support opportunities for protection and improvement of nature and environment. These instruments are directed at actors at the local level. However,...

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Short evaluation of the regional initiative „Faszination Mosel"

IfLS Consulting and Projects evaluates on behalf of the regional initiative "Faszination Mosel" its previous work and elaborates basic development possibilities based on the results. 

Faszination Mosel markets the entire wine-growing region of the...

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Ex-post evaluation of the LEADER+ programme 2000-2006 in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate

In 2002 the European Commission authorised the 2000-2006 period of the LEADER+ programme supported by the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate. Seven Local Action Groups (LAGs) were given access to support within the framework of a statewide...

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Regional Action: Rural areas shaping the future

The ‘Regionen Aktiv’ programme is a policy initiative of the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (BMVEL) that addresses the key principles of contemporary RD policy. The role of the IfLS is to carry out accompanying research...

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Actor networks and multifunctional spaces for art, culture and creative work in rural regions - AMuRaKK

The research project investigates how art, culture and creative workers are integrated into actor networks and how they develop, use and design multifunctional spaces together with local civil society actors and municipal administrations in rural...

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Potentials of the circular economy for rural development in Germany and Europe

Circular economy means that products and materials are used in cycles, reused or processed into new products. Raw materials are thus no longer lost by being landfilled or incinerated. The circular economy promises resource-efficient solutions....

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Approaches for the assessment and renumeration of social and ecological benefits of organic agriculture at regional level – RegioSÖL

Organic farming makes an important contribution to many ecological and social societal goals. These services are not always assigned to a single farm, but are the result of synergies and cumulative effects on a regional level. These social and...

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Perspectives and possible applications of digital participation procedures in rural regional development – DigiBeL

The DigiBeL project is dedicated to a relatively new thematic field. It is funded within the framework of the research announcement 'Rural areas in times of digitalisation' of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The aim is to analyse how...

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Integrated Rural Development Concept (ILE): Regional management in the Lahn-Taunus region

The Rhineland-Palatinate Federal State’s Integrated Rural Development (Integrierte Ländliche Entwicklung – ILE) support programme aims at combining individual fields of action – such as agriculture, viticulture, village development, demographic...

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Pilot project

INSPIRE - Innovative and Smarter Policy Instruments for Rural Europe

The integrated and "smart" development of rural areas is crucial for the future of Europe, Germany, and Hesse. By leveraging digitalization and information and communication technologies, rural communities can be supported to become "smarter" and...

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Action programme for securing regional services for the public

The ‘Regional Services for the Public Action Programme’ has been launched by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) as a part of the ‘Rural Infrastructure Initiative’. Within the framework of this spatial planning...

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Programme to secure regional public services

As part of the "Rural Infrastructure Initiative", the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs has launched the "Regional Services of General Interest Action Programme". 21 rural regions will receive financial and technical support...

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Regional products for quality food procurement in all-day schools – FrankFOOD

Until the year 2007, 10.000 new all-day schools will be established in the course of the reorganisation of the German education landscape. In order to allow for pupils and teachers to experience a successful day at school healthy snacks and lunch are...

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Events and participation processes

Interim Evaluation of the LEADER Process of the LEADER Region Rheinhessen

At the half-way point of the funding period 2014 - 2020, the IfLS will conduct a workshop for the interim evaluation of the implementation of the Local Integrated Development Strategy (LILE) of the LEADER region Rheinhessen.
The aim of the interim...

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Integrated rural development concept with spatial and thematic focus (SILEK) in the municipality of Romrod

An integrated rural development concept with a spatial and thematic focus - SILEK for short - can be used in the preparation to land consolidation and is supported by Hesse. As a result, the SILEK is to represent a coordinated framework for action...

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Interim evaluation of the LEADER process in the LEADER Erbeskopf region

At the half-way point of the funding period 2014-2020, the IfLS is carrying out an interim evaluation of the LEADER process of the Rhineland-Palatinate LEADER Action Group (LAG) Erbeskopf. For this purpose, an evaluation of the region-related results...

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Interim evaluation of the LEADER process of the LEADER region Ortenau

At the mid-term of the funding period 2014 - 2020, the IfLS carried out an interim evaluation of the LEADER process in the LEADER region of Ortenau. For this purpose, an evaluation of the region-related results of the nationwide survey of all LAG...

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