Information and knowledge dissemination

Information and knowledge dissemation

Information and knowledge dissemination are essential components or results of our conducted research and development projects. In the context of R&D projects, we write policy briefings, action guidelines and practical handbooks. As part of the ERASMUS programme, we develop educational concepts and learning platforms together with our partners.

Our clients are the European Commission, federal ministries and agencies, and state governments.

Projects in the thematic field

Socio-economics of farm business

Learning on Entrepreneurship and Agriculture for New farmers – LEAN

While European agriculture is facing an ageing population with transmission issues, a new generation of farmers is rising: young people with no agricultural certification and without a farming background. These new farmers are seeking to develop a...

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on multifunctional Agriculture II – SEMA II

The SEMA II project, funded by the EU program ERASMUS+, follows up on the activities of the SEMA I project. Complementary to the learning units, case studies and mentoring platform, the follow-up project develops learning resources in the form of...

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on Multifunctional Agriculture – SEMA

The SEMA project aims at providing high quality learning opportunities on multifunctional agriculture oriented entrepreneurial skills and capacities for European farmers, and increasing competencies of trainers and facilitators of organizations...

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Development of a training programme for young farmers on multifunctional agriculture (Agri-Multifunctionality II)

According to the OECD definition, based on population density, rural regions account for 92 % of EU territory (2004/931/SEC). 19 % of the population lives in predominantly rural regions and 37 % in significantly rural regions. These regions generate...

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Regional development

Preparation of a handbook containing information about funding programmes of the European Union and the German Federal Republic

The funding handbook of the German Networking Agency (DVS) should be revised for the new EU funding period 2014 – 2020. A wide range of actors from the federal and state governments, funding banks such as the KfW-Bank and the Landwirtschaftliche...

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Local manual for supporting a sustainable development

he current German state programs of the European Cohesion Politics 2014 – 2020 offer a wide range of support opportunities for protection and improvement of nature and environment. These instruments are directed at actors at the local level. However,...

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Agricultural policy

Growth and neighbour check of environmental regulation and control of primary agriculture and cross compliance rules

The aim of this survey is a comparison of framework conditions for Danish farmers regarding environmental regulations with those of six neighbouring countries and/or regions (France, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Lower Saxony and...

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Synthesis and assessment of the public debate on the reform of the CAP after 2013

The project “Synthesis and assessment of the public debate on the reform of the CAP after 2013” is a cooperative project between J. W. Goethe University Frankfurt/Main and the IfLS. It is supported by the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.

The aim of...

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Large-scale protected areas and cultural landscape

Decision Support for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Protected Areas - SDGimp

The United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda aiming at peace, prosperity and the preservation of ecosystems and the climate. To reach the Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the agenda targeted action on the local level is...

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International cooperation

Territorial development programs in Germany

The arrangement of governance and institutional structures is a main success factor in implementing integrated rural development programs. This study analyzes German and European approaches and structures regarding integreated rural development in...

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Experience with the more recent communal and regional policy in the European Union: A typical LEADER project concerned with small business development

The EU and most of its member states have, for many years, provided financial assistance to those regions that have to cope with more adverse conditions or that are less competitive in the European Market. The moves towards economic and monetary...

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Climate change and renewable energies

Land use conflicts renewable energy: Scenario-based environmental education on the spatial requirements of renewable energy using new media – LaNuKon

Within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the international community strives for economic progress and social justice within ecological boundaries. The SDGs consist of 17 equal goals, including "clean and affordable energy",...

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