Governance and cooperation

Governance and cooperation are cross-cutting issues that are important for many topics such as agricultural policy, sustainable land use and regional development. We consider the different governance mechanisms of governmental and non-governmental organisations and their interaction.

Cooperation between different actors is necessary in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development. Due to the various interests of the participants, cooperation is not always easy. However, there is a wide range of instruments available to support cooperation processes.

In the field of governance and cooperation we provide both research and consultancy. Essential scientific questions are the design and impact of multi-level governance approaches in the field of rural development, or factors of success for the cooperation of different actors in agricultural innovation processes.

Contact person/s at IfLS: Simone Sterly (sterly[at], 069/9726683-15) and Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at], 069/9726683-17)


Projects in the field


Study on producer organisations and their activities in the olive oil, beef and veal, and arable crops sectors

IfLS contributes to the study as a sub-contractor. As a first step, this entails the compilation of an inventory of existing producer organisations (PO) and associations of producer organisations (APOs) in Germany. As a second step, IfLS carries out...

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Encouraging Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives – COFAMI

Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives (COFAMIs) potentially provide an answer to the challenges set to European farmers by changing market and policy conditions. By pooling ideas, experiences and capital they enable farmers to build up market...

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