Our understanding of sustainability 

Sustainable development is our claim and our constant goal. We strive to 
ecological, economic and social dimensions as a constant triad, and processes 
which can be continued in the long term - this applies to our research and consulting activities 
as well as for our daily work at the institute. What is sustainable in these two fields 
development means concretely for us and which principles guide us in this process, you can read in the 
the following execution of our mission statement and the corresponding guidelines. 

Committed research and active consulting for a sustainable 

The subject of our research and consulting activities are rural areas. In them 
economic, ecological and social needs are coordinated. At the same time 
Rural areas are subject to constant change, which can vary from local to global factors and 
trends is determined. Current developments must be analyzed and evaluated, 
to develop future-oriented concepts and control bases and to put them into practice. 

At this background engaged research and active consulting for a sustainable 
development means for us: 

1. within the scope of our project work we take an active and creative role in the field of 
sustainable development of rural areas. 
2. through our high technical and methodical competence we position ourselves as a sought-after 
Partner for political decision makers, science and economy. 
3. we work professionally and reliably. 
4. we develop practical and tailor-made solutions in dialogue with our 
5. we present our results attractively and in a way that is appropriate for the user group. 
6. we maintain good contacts with the actors in our fields of work. 
7. we supplement our expertise through targeted cooperation to ensure the quality of our work. 
to increase. 
8. our employees are characterized by a high level of social competence and a high level of 
off. Their strengths include self-reflective and appreciative behavior 
towards other people and a confident handling of conflicts. 

Think sustainably, work sustainably - live sustainability 

In our daily work at the institute, the idea of sustainability also guides us in our 
entrepreneurial thinking and acting, in dealing with each other as well as with our 
service providers, cooperation partners and competitors, and also with regard to our 
ecological footprint. For us this means to orientate ourselves on ethical principles and to act fairly and 
and act in an environmentally friendly manner. In this way, we take over our own local 
Part of the responsibility for sustainable development: 

1. by continuously developing our business areas, we face up to the challenges of local and global future issues. 
2. personal initiative and a high level of identification with the institute characterize our 
3. we keep our work organization up to date - professional, efficient and 
4. our work and office organization is socially acceptable, resource-efficient and provides 
a contribution to environmental protection. 
5. transparent decisions and processes, trustful cooperation and 
mutual appreciation strengthens our motivation and satisfaction. 
6. we design the human resources management for the institute and our employees attractive, socially and economically viable. 
This means planning security for employees
7. we offer our employees individual development and training 
development opportunities. 
8. we create the basis for well-being and health at work. 
9. we enable the compatibility of work, family and private engagement.


Our Gender Equality Plan