Working Principles

Our working principles are characterized by the following:

  • Cross-project cooperation, e.g. by incorporating the results of our own research and evaluation activities into consulting projects.
  • Holistic recording of ecological, economic and social interrelations. It is not for nothing that we are active in numerous interdisciplinary cooperation projects.
  • Strong practical orientation, e.g. in local, regional and projects oriented to individual companies as well as in studies and expert opinions on policy at EU, federal and state level.
  • Intensive involvement, e.g. in regional cooperation and international research networks in which joint projects are carried out cooperatively.
  • Special interests, e.g. in questions of European integration. This is documented by our diverse international contacts, the organisation of international symposia and a large number of transnational studies.

Our guiding Principle

Dedicated research and active consulting for sustainable development

Our research and consulting activities focus on rural areas. Economic, ecological and social needs must be coordinated in these areas. At the same time, rural areas are subject to constant change, determined by local to global factors and trends. The aim is to analyse and evaluate current developments, to develop future-oriented concepts and control principles and to put them into practice.

Against this background, committed research and active consulting for sustainable development mean to us:

  1. As part of our project work, we play an active role in the sustainable development of rural areas.
  2. Thanks to our high level of technical and methodological competence, we position ourselves as a valued partner for political decision-makers, science and industry.
  3. We work professionally and reliably.
  4. We develop practical and tailor-made solutions in dialogue with our clients.
  5. We prepare our results in an attractive and user group-oriented way.
  6. We maintain good contacts with the players in our fields of work.
  7. We supplement our expertise with targeted cooperation to increase the quality of our work.
  8. Our employees are characterized by a high level of social competence. Their strengths include a self-reflective and appreciative attitude towards other people and a confident approach to conflicts.

Our understanding of Sustainability

Think sustainably, work sustainably - Living sustainability

In our daily working routine at the institute, the sustainability concept guides us in our entrepreneurial thinking and acting, in dealing with each other as well as with our service providers, cooperation partners and competitors, and also with regard to our ecological footprint. For us, this means orienting ourselves towards ethical principles and acting in a fair and environmentally compatible manner. By acting locally, we assume our share of responsibility for sustainable development:

  1. By continuously developing our business segments, we are facing up to local and global questions about the future.
  2. Our employees are characterised by their personal initiative and a high level of identification with the institute.
  3. We keep our work organisation up to date - professionally, efficiently and effectively.
  4. Our work and office organisation is socially compatible, resource-efficient and makes a contribution to environmental protection.
  5. Transparent decisions and processes, trusting cooperation and mutual appreciation strengthen our motivation and satisfaction. The human resources management is designed in an attractive, socially and economically viable manner for the institute and our employees. This means planning security for employers and employees.
  6. We offer our employees individual development opportunities. We create the basis for well-being and health at the workplace.
  7. We enable a balance of career, family and private commitment.