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Abschlussveranstaltung zum regiosöl Projekt am 29. März

Das BÖL-geförderte Forschungsvorhaben regiosöl kommt zum Abschluss. Drei Jahre lang haben das Institut für ländliche Strukturforschung (IfLS e.V.)...

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Agroforestry and the new CAP - first impressions from Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland

Mixed land use systems form the central theme of the EU's sister projects AGROMIX and MIXED. In addition, both projects devote special attention to...

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Second meeting for the project "Insect protection measures and potentials for such measures in protected areas".

From February 7th to 9th, 2023 about 35 representatives and experts for insect protection measures in protected areas met.

IfLS Consulting and...

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TOOLS4CAP project: Kick-off meeting in Brussels

The TOOLS4CAP project started with a two-day meeting of all project partners in Brussels on February 13-14, 2023. 

The overall objective of the...

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Support mechanisms for mixed farming and agroforestry systems in the EU

A broad consortium in ten countries and a total of 14 networks works on the EU project MIXED. Each individual network represents an association or...

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Participation of citizens in rural regional development - preliminary results presented and discussed in workshop with experts

In the DigiBeL project, we are working on generalisable conclusions and recommendations for action until the research project is completed in spring...

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Cork: Where does it come from?

The majority of cork comes from Portugal. In the traditional "Montados", cork oaks are cultivated for decades to centuries, closely linked to grazing...

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What tasks can nature parks and biosphere reserves take on in the dialogue and balancing of interests in the forest?

In the constituent meeting of the NaBioKom project's working group (PAG) on 26.1.2023, the project team informed the PAG members about the project....

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Pflanzenkohle in der Landwirtschaft: Bericht zu Ergebnissen einer aktuellen Studie online

Pflanzenkohle („biochar“) entsteht durch Umwandlung von Biomasse über Pyrolyse. Dabei bilden sich Kohlenstoffverbindungen, die über sehr lange...

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Diverse social services require diverse support - regiosöl workshop identifies policy recommendations guidelines for action

Due to its systemic approach, organic agriculture makes diverse contributions to sustainability. This includes not only the field of environmental...

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