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A future for agroforestry - 4th DeFAF General Meeting

Agroforestry is a promising approach for a future-oriented and sustainable development of agriculture, yet it often represents only a niche area in...

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Final Regional Conference in the LEADER Region Hohenlohe-Tauber

The application phase for the LEADER regions in Baden-Württemberg is almos over. To mark the occasion, the Hohenlohe-Tauber region invited all those...

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Kick-off event for the project "Systemic Circular Economy as a Driver of Rural Development"

Time to get things moving!

This was the title of the virtual kick-off event for the project "Systemic Circular Economy as a Driver of Rural...

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European exchange on urban agriculture: "CityZen" project meeting in Frankfurt/Main

From May 17 to 19, IfLS hostet together with Regionalpark RheinMain a meeting of the "CityZen" project: about 35 participants from Bulgaria, Greece,...

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Biodiversity and milk production: A brief analysis by the Öko-Institut and the IfLS on the links between milk production systems in Germany and biodiversity

The various forms of grassland in Germany are of outstanding importance for biodiversity. At the same time, the preservation of existing grassland is...

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What does the operation of a CoAct plant imply ?

On 12 and 13 May, the hybrid project meeting of the CoAct project took place at the IfLS. The project meeting focused on the biomass mix for the...

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Increasing value creation on dairy farms - The OnFarm consortium visits a farm in the Czech Republic

How can small family farms generate sufficient added value? In line with the project's question, the OnFarm consortium visited a farm about 80 km from...

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From poplar pigs to industrial symbiosis - second project meeting in MIXED

Mixed land use systems can be hard to grasp, as they involve the most diverse aspects of land use from farm to landscape level. After 18 months of...

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The Niche Market Farming consortium learns about niche markets in Italy

On 11 and 12 April, the consortium of the Erasmus+ project Niche Market Farming met in Perugia, Italy. The meeting focused on the link between...

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Neue Publikation vom IfLS und IfKMW: "Digitalization and Civic Participation in Rural Areas. A Systematic Review of Scientific Journals, 2010-2020"

Die Vision digital vernetzter und partizipativer „Smart Villages“ ist in der europäischen Politik und im öffentlichen Diskurs seit einigen Jahren...

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