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Niche markets in agriculture: Third newsletter available

The third newsletter of the Erasmus+ project "Niche Markets in Agriculture" is now available here: NMF-Newsletter_3_en.pdf ( It informs about the content of the project results of module 2 and provides insights into the creation and development of niche markets and the potential of old varieties, illustrated by case studies.

The Erasmus+ project "Niche Markets in Agriculture" aims to promote old varieties and thus the biodiversity of the crops grown. This should also be attractive for small and medium-sized agricultural businesses in particular through premium marketing such as organic cultivation or protected designations of origin.

As part of the project, information and learning materials on these topics will be developed and gradually published on the project website.  So far, the content and results of Module 1, which provides an introduction to the conservation of old varieties in agriculture in the partner countries, are online on the website. These are available free of charge and can be downloaded as a PDF in German, English, Italian, Polish and Spanish. 

Contact persons at IfLS: Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at] and Christoph Mathias (mathias[at]