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A good life in the countryside thanks to multifunctional spaces?

On 16 November and 17 November 2023, the workshop "The good life in the countryside" took place at the Institute of European Ethnology at the University of Vienna. Organised by Thassilo Hazod, the workshop invited participants to explore the range of ideas about the good life in the countryside. These ideas vary from a longing for an idyllic connection with nature to concepts of self-sufficiency and alternative forms of economy. In their contributions, researchers looked at both historical and current aspects and placed a particular focus on specific ways of life in the countryside and how they are embedded in social and economic contexts.

The aim of the workshop was to critically analyse existing concepts of the "good life" and discuss the question: What constitutes the good life in the countryside?
The presentation by Victoria Huszka and Oliver Müller focussed on how multifunctional spaces serve as a framework for a "good life" in rural areas and how different groups of actors articulate ideas of a good life within these frameworks.

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