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at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt/Main


Sustainable development and sustainable management in biosphere reserves: Guide published

Biosphere reserves (BR) intend to be model regions for sustainable development and to promote sustainable operating and business concepts. What this...

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EMBRACE Tsalka: Together for a sustainable future

On February 9, the second steering group meeting of the EMBRACE Tsalka project was held, which aims to expand and promote Tsalka's economic activities...

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Foundations for a national peatland protection strategy: synopsis published

Peatlands and organic soils play an important role in protecting biodiversity and the climate, for example as habitats for endangered animal and plant...

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Acting for the climate: How EU agricultural policy could contribute to climate protection

The current issue of 'Forschung Frankfurt', the science magazine of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, is dedicated to the climate crisis from...

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Pathways towards biodiversity-enhancing dairy production: the first support group meeting in the GOBIOM project

In the context of the GOBIOM project, the first virtual meeting with the monitoring group took place at the beginning of December. The aim of the...

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Innovation and collaboration - and what happens next?

The EU funding period 2014-2020 is coming to an end - despite the upcoming transition years - and more and more EIP-Agri and cooperation projects are...

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Experts discuss the goals of the regiosöl approaches

Involving regional actors and experts in the development of the regiosöl approaches for assessing, communicating and rewarding is a central approach...

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LEAN project completed - All German training modules and case studies online

The LEAN project ('Learning on Entrepreneurship & Agriculture for New farmers') was officially concluded with a final digital meeting on 23.11.20....

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