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Starting signal for the development of the LILE Südpfalz

On 1 September, almost 50 people gathered in the Festhalle Wörth to lay the foundation stone for the Local Integrated Rural Development Strategy of...

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The Limes Region starts the LEADER strategy process with REGIONALFORUM

On 18 October 2021, the REGIONAL FORUM of the Limes Region took place in the multi-purpose hall in Zweiflingen with the participation of regional key...

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Experiencing, discovering and experiencing in education - BNE concept for the Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald

With the now finalised „Strategisch-didaktischen Bildungskonzept BNE“ , the Geo-Nature Park describes how it would like to realise the goals in the...

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Team workshop for the creation of the framework concept for the biosphere region Berchtesgadener Land

The framework concept which is currently being developed will set the course for the further development of the biosphere region for the next 10...

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Visit of the MAB National Committee to the biosphere region Berchtesgadener Land

The biosphere region Berchtesgadener Land was recognised as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1990. Having already successfully passed two periodic...

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Review of 5 years of the German National Committee of UNESCO Global Geoparks

On 6 October 2021, the German National Committee for UNESCO Global Geoparks met for its 8th session in Schelklingen in the UNESCO Geopark Swabian Alb.

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Citizen participation in rural regional development - operations in selected case study regions

Since April 2020, the Institute for Rural Structural Research (IfLS) and the Institute for Communication and Media Studies (IfKMW) at the University...

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MIXED: From agroforestry to the rewetting of bogland

The extent to which mixed agricultural and agroforestry systems are characterised by higher efficiency and better resilience to the consequences of...

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#Limesregion #Hohenlohe-Heilbronn launches LEADER strategy process with photo competition

The Limes Region #Hohenlohe-Heilbronn with its 13 municipalities in the districts of Hohenlohekreis and Heilbronn is applying for the funding period...

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Successful cooperation at the regiosöl project meeting in Frankfurt

The Institute for Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS) once again invited participants to the regiosöl project meeting in Frankfurt on 8th...

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