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Growth and neighbour check of environmental regulation and control of primary agriculture and cross compliance rules

The aim of this survey is a comparison of framework conditions for Danish farmers regarding environmental regulations with those of six neighbouring countries and/or regions (France, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein in Germany). The focus is on the implementation of EU Nitrates Directive and regulations regarding phosphorous and the rules for cross compliance.

IfLS is one of the country teams collecting data and information for the German case study regions on the framework conditions for agriculture, on the legal settings for the regulation of nitrogen and phosphorous in agriculture and for cross compliance as well as on the enforcement system.

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Information and knowledge dissemination | Agricultural policy |


COWI A/S, Copenhagen/Denmark; commissioned by the Danish Agency for the Agricultural Business (AgriFish agency)



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Heike Nitsch, Jörg Schramek