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Regional products for quality food procurement in all-day schools – FrankFOOD

Until the year 2007, 10.000 new all-day schools will be established in the course of the reorganisation of the German education landscape. In order to allow for pupils and teachers to experience a successful day at school healthy snacks and lunch are necessary. Quality school food procurement adequate to pupils’ age is thus gaining importance.

A healthy warm lunch requires, besides adequate room conditions at schools, multifaceted knowledge about processes, organisation, nutrition and food procurement systems. These efforts should also be made in regard to growing rates of diseases such as adiposity and diabetes among children and youths. FrankFOOD aims at making a contribution in this respect.

The pilot and demonstration project’s objective is to improve school food procurement by supporting the use of regional products from organic as well as conventional cultivation. Thus, regional producers and suppliers get access to new distribution channels.

Within the framework of the FrankFOOD project, products from the region will be introduced or their use will be increased at a minimum number of four to eight all-day schools in Frankfurt in cooperation with the Hessian Consumer Advice Center from July 2005 to June 2007. At this, suppliers from the Rhein-Main region already contracted with for the delivery of regional products from conventional as well as organic cultivation will be included.

Further objectives of the project are:

  • support of introducing and optimising school food procurement,
  • increasing the acceptance of school food procurement,
  • promoting cooperation along the value added chain,
  • organisational development supporting a durable establishment of the project in the region,
  • business management calculation regarding economic stability,
  • examination of willingness to pay (more) and,
  • discussion of alternative models of financing.

Additionally, education measures directed at all target groups as well as advice regarding the introduction or optimisation of school procurement are intended to increase the accep-tance of regional products. The schools participating are receiving support for their advancement in the field of health promotion.

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Pilot project | Regional development |


Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)


2005 - 2007

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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein