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Creation of a regional development concept as part of the LEADER application of the Hohenlohe-Tauber region

At the beginning of the new EU funding period 2023-2027, the LEADER region Hohenlohe-Tauber is preparing a new regional development concept (German acronym: REK) in order to apply again as a LEADER region. The client is the Hohenlohekreis as the leading district for the preparation of the REK. The region itself is located in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg.

Following the bottom-up idea behind LEADER, the regional development concept is created based on a regional participation process. Within the framework of various analog and digital methods, the public and strategic partners are involved in the process as well as municipalities. A continuous monitoring of the process leads to a better understanding of the regional development concept is implemented via digital tools.

The development process also takes into account EU and state developments and incorporates relevant strategies, such as the EU Green Deal or the climate protection goals of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Another core component is the encounter with relevant social developments, such as demographic change, new work and life models, or digitalization.

With a view to these components, a development concept is being drawn up which, following a successful application, will accompany the region in the coming funding period.  

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IfLS Beratung und Projekte GmbH



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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Hanna Kramer

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Hanna Kramer (kramer[at], Oliver Müller, Lewis Taylor, Henri Tepasse, Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at]