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Integrated rural development concept with spatial and thematic focus (SILEK) in the municipality of Romrod

An integrated rural development concept with a spatial and thematic focus - SILEK for short - can be used in the preparation to land consolidation and is supported by Hesse. As a result, the SILEK is to represent a coordinated framework for action for the municipality.

The IfLS has been commissioned by the city's magistrate to prepare the SILEK for the municipality of Romrod in the Vogelsberg district. From the priority areas - leisure, local recreation and culture | agriculture and agricultural structure | landscape and water development, flood protection - the thematic priorities are worked out through expert discussions and a first baseline study. In the further SILEK process, the focuses are dealt with in working groups and suitable measures for the future are designed and coordinated.

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Conception | Events and participatory processes | Regional development |


Magistrate of the City of Romrod


2018 - 2019

Contact person/s at IfLS: 

Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Nicola von Kutzleben

Project management: 

Nicola von Kutzleben, Britta Düsterhaus, Charlotte Behrmann