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Final evaluation of the LEADER process in the LEADER region Oben an der Volme

In the LEADER region Oben an der Volme, the final evaluation of the 2014-2022 funding period is due, as required by the state.

In this context, IfLS Consulting and Projects is supporting the sponsoring association of the regional development of Oben an der Volme in carrying out project sponsor surveys, interviews with key actors and the evaluation of the results. Not only LAG members, project promoters and regional key actors are interviewed, but also for the first time beneficiaries of the regional budget financed by the GAK ('Improving agricultural structures and coastal protection').

Following the survey, the various interest groups discuss the results in a reflection and perspective workshop and draw conclusions for improving cooperation, process flows and opportunities for participation.

In addition, the IfLS is developing a project brochure that summarises the results of all 60 implemented LEADER projects and will be used for publicity purposes in promoting the LEADER process in the region.

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Regional Development Oben an der Volme e.V.

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IfLS Consulting and Project



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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Oliver Müller

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Oliver Müller, Hanna Kramer, Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein