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Synthesis of the online public consultation on the Action Plan for the development of the organic sector (Organic EU Action Plan)

The European Green Deal describes the path to a sustainable, climate-neutral Europe. The Biodiversity Strategy and the Farm to Fork Strategy aim for an extensive conversion to organic farming, with the goal of 25 % of the EU's agricultural land being organic by 2030. To achieve this goal, the EU Commission develops an action plan for the period 2021 to 2026.

The action plan provides for the establishment of national action plans, an increase in research funding for organic agriculture and the increased dissemination of research results. The main fields of action of the action plan are:

a) to stimulate an increased demand for organic products by raising awareness and increasing confidence in the organic logo,
b) to promote conversion and strengthen the entire value chain, and
c) to promote the sustainability of organic agriculture, especially through the use of renewable energy, the reduction of fossil fuels and through the preservation of soil fertility and biodiversity.

In the run-up to this, a public consultation on organic farming took place in the form of an online survey and the possibility to submit comments, in accordance with the European Union's regulation guidelines. In cooperation with Ecorys (Belgium), the IfLS summarizes and analyses the results of the consultation. The overall contract for the evaluation of the consultation is coordinated by the consulting firm Ecorys and is part of the framework contract for evaluation studies on the Common Agricultural Policy.

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European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development

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IfLS with cooperation partner Ecorys



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Simone Sterly

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