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Framework contract for the evaluation studies of the CAP: synthesis and cross-thematic issues

The IfLS is a partner in the consortium commissioned to carry out tasks under the framework contract for the evaluation studies of the CAP (synthesis and cross-thematic issues, FWC4) commissioned by DG Agriculture. Coordinated by the Ecorys consultancy company, further partners are the Wageningen Research Foundation (WR), collaborating with Wageningen University under the name Wageningen University & Research, and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).

Article 110(5) of Reg. 1306/2013 obliges the European Commission (EC) to establish a multiannual evaluation plan (2016-2020) to measure the performance of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) regarding the objectives of: (1) viable food production (focusing on agricultural income, agricultural productivity and price stability), (2) sustainable management of natural resources and climate action (focusing on greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, soil and water) and (3) balanced territorial development (focusing on rural employment, growth and poverty in rural areas). This multiannual evaluation plan foresees one Framework Contract (FWC) for each of the above-named CAP objectives (FWC1-3), and one for cross-thematic issues and synthesis (FWC4). The latter covers findings related to effectiveness, efficiency (including administrative burden), coherence, relevance, EU value-added, and causal analysis. The individual tasks carried out in the FWCs’ context will provide the basis for reporting on CAP performance, for policy-making and reflection, and/or for accountability purposes. Furthermore, FWCs will serve the analysis and synthesis of the replies collected in the public consultations on the CAP (open February to May 2017) in order to fulfil the Better Regulation Guidelines (BRG) (

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European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Regional Development


2017 - 2023

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Simone Sterly