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How to strengthen sustainable management in biosphere reserves?

In the biosphere reserves Spreewald and South-East Rügen, the IfLS organised workshops on sustainable management together with the respective management. An indicator report on sustainable management prepared by the IfLS was presented in the respective biosphere reserves. It formed the basis for discussions with regional representatives from the fields of agriculture, crafts, tourism, regional marketing and regional marketing: To what extent can sustainable management be strengthened in the respective biosphere reserves?

The workshops made it clear that the biosphere reserves have a platform function and often address similar actors from business and the municipalities. They now want to jointly strengthen the visibility of sustainable management and establish or deepen individual cooperation. The usually little-known Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be a suitable occasion for this.

Both workshops led to a resumption of the discussion on the promotion of sustainable economic structures in the biosphere reserves with individual enterprises, business associations and stakeholders from regional development. With the two workshops, the R&D project BR Quality Assurance has not only contributed to the development of a presentation format for sustainable management, but also sets the starting signal for anchoring this topic in the biosphere reserves mentioned above.

Contact persons at IfLS: Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at] and Christoph Mathias (mathias[at]