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Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on multifunctional Agriculture II – SEMA II

The SEMA II project, funded by the EU program ERASMUS+, follows up on the activities of the SEMA I project. Complementary to the learning units, case studies and mentoring platform, the follow-up project develops learning resources in the form of audio and video material. The content is designed for multifunctional agriculture and are directed at European farmers. The project also contributes to increasing competencies of trainers and facilitators of organizations relevant for agricultural training at a regional and local level. Finally, the awareness of stakeholders about the importance and role of entrepreneurial skills for multifunctional agriculture will also be raised in the SEMA II project, and their knowledge will enable stakeholders to mainstream project results into the respective national and European policies.

The SEMA II project also envisages long term benefits such as an increased competitiveness of farms which at the same time contribute to the provision of public goods such as functional water and nutrient cycles or landscape attractiveness. Thus SEMA will contribute to an increased overall sustainability of agricultural activities and viability of rural areas on a regional level.

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Information and knowledge dissemination | Socio-economics of farm business |


European Commission


2017 - 2019

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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Christoph Mathias