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Supervision and evaluation of three funding calls

Supervision and evaluation of three funding calls "European Innovation Partnership Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-Agri)" of the Regional Managing Authority Rhineland-Palatinate within the framework of the German CAP Strategic Plan for the EU funding period 2023-2029

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate is continuing the funding opportunities created by the EU for the European Innovation Partnership (EIP-Agri) within the framework of the GAP-SP and is funding corresponding projects on this basis. This funding measure is intended to support cooperation between agriculture, science, advisory services and associations in order to implement innovative projects and thus make contributions to the specified guiding themes of the EPLR EULLE ("Environmental Measures, Rural Development, Agriculture, Food").

The Operational Groups (OG) are selected on the basis of funding calls. For the implementation of the funding calls in the years 2023-2027, IfLS Consulting and Projects supports both the EAFRD managing authority and the applying potential OGs in project development and application in the procedure.

IfLS Consulting and Projects also provides continuous support for the exchange of knowledge and networking of the Rhineland-Palatinate OGs.

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Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate (MWVLW)

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IfLS Consulting and Projects



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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Oliver Müller

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Oliver Müller, Svea Thietje, Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein