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Project formulation and appraisal in the field of regional and structural policy in Ethiopia

The overall aim of the joint project on physical economic policy was to improve the capacities of relevant Ethiopian institutions, i.e. primarily the RPDD, for an analysis of patterns of regional and structural developments and – on this basis – for the conceptualisation of coherent and effective strategies for regional and structural development. The main tasks to be carried out relate to the mobilization and supplementation of the capability of relevant actors and institutions in Ethiopia. Core activities in this initial project planning phase focused on developing a medium-term plan for joint action on the basis of consultations in Ethiopia.

More specifically, the aim was
a) to examine the existing physical economic policy approaches and to highlight promising initiatives and structures as well as the major constraints (incl. related programmes such as food security, resource management, development of economic infrastructures etc.);
b) to assess the preconditions for an operational physical economic policy analysis and impact assessment framework (institutional, human resources, data, technical infrastructure); and
c) to formulate, in collaboration with the Regional Planning and Development Department (RPDD)/Ministry of Economic Development and Co-operation (MEDaC), a concept and medium-term work programme for enhancing the capacities for regional and structural policy formulation and implementation at the national level.

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German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ) GmbH, Eschborn



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Karlheinz Knickel