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Implementation and management of ecologigal focus areas from a nature conservation perspective – OEVForsch

The project “Implementation and management of ecological focus areas from a nature conservation perspective – praxis handbook and scientific assessment” was carried out together with the Thünen Institute of Rural Studies and the Institute for Agro-ecology and Biodiversity (ifab).

The project assessed first experiences with the obligation to establish ecological focus areas from 2015 on and their benefits for nature conservation. This also included administrative aspects and the interplay with further instruments in the field of agri-environment. Besides field investigations of flora and fauna on selected plots and farms, farmers, advisors and representatives of administrations were interviewed.

Analyses of IACS-data shed light on the actual selection of ecological focus areas as well as on additionality of these areas. In the course of the project a practical guidance booklet on ecological focus areas from a nature conservation point of view was developed. Project findings and resulting recommendations were also presented and discussed at a project-conference and published as a BfN-script.

Against the background of the evaluation of ecological focus areas planned for 2017, the project was meant to contribute to consult the EU-commission as well as the national level regarding the design of ecological focus areas in the future.

The following publications are available as part of this project: The practical handbook "Implementation and management of ecologigal focus areas" (in German) is aimed in particular at people in the agricultural and environmental administration, the chambers of agriculture and advisory organizations involved in the implementation and advice on EFAs, as well as directly to farmers. The report on the results of the project is available online (in German).

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Research | Sustainable land use |


Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


2015 - 2016

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Heike Nitsch, Jörg Schramek