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Workshops on future visions for dairy production promoting biodiversity

In order for dairy farms to maintain an ecologically necessary minimum amount of species-rich farmland, as well as to expand species-rich farmland and at the same time be able to operate profitably, a long-term transformation of today's existing dairy production systems is needed. Positive images of the future can provide orientation in the context of such a process.

For this reason, farmers involved in the GOBIOM project and representatives from the agricultural administration, state institutions and the organic model regions met in Freiburg and Ravensburg on 17 and 18 July respectively to discuss future visions for biodiversity-promoting milk production in the regions in through constructive exchanges in all-day workshops. Important topics included regional value chains and consumer appreciation, but also the influences of climate change.

The workshops were organised by the Öko-Institut, which is leading the project. The Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS) was also involved in the preparation and implementation. An external moderator from e-fect and an illustrator from kontur - Büro für Dialogkunst were also involved.

Based on the future images developed, approaches and measures are to be identified in workshops in October 2023 with which the desired transformation can be supported. A supra-regional workshop is also planned to work out which elements of the future visions and the identified approaches and measures are relevant across the board and could also be transferred to other regions in Germany.

Contact persons at the IfLS: Heike Nitsch (nitsch[at], Dr. Holger Pabst (pabst[at], Jörg Schramek (schramek[at]