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"Tag der Dritten Orte": Cultural institutions present their programme and services

On 12 August 2023, the "Tag der Dritten Orte" ("Third Place Day") in North Rhine-Westphalia, cultural institutions throughout the state presented their diverse services. In Reelkirchen near Blomberg in the district of Lippe, the "Dritte Ort" ("Third Place") was ceremoniously opened in the gatehouse of Reelkirchen moated castle. Numerous helpers showed their commitment in the last days before the opening, so that interested people in the region have a new room for multifunctional use. In addition to an open event space, the archway will also have a café and a co-working area on the upper floor.

Our project team member Victoria Huszka was on site during the week of the opening and was able to experience very practically during her field research which networks, which knowledge and which skills are necessary to create a multifunctional space. Thus, in the final spurt for the preparation, manual skills were needed in addition to organisational skills: painting walls, scrubbing clay plaster or cutting insulation boards to size.

The moated castle of Reelkirchen [link in German] is a practical partner in the joint project AMuRaKK [link in German], which is being carried out by the Institute for Rural Structural Research together with the Department of Empirical Cultural Studies / Cultural Anthropology at the University of Bonn.

The AMuRaKK project is funded by the BULEplus programme of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

Contact person at the IfLS: Oliver Müller (mueller[at]