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Strengthening urban agriculture - "CityZen" launches in five European regions

The Interreg project "CityZen" has taken up the cause of promoting urban agriculture among political decision-makers as a motor for economic and social change. In five European partner regions (Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Germany), politicians and citizens are to be sensitised to green innovations and resource efficiency. Together with the Rhine-Main Regional Park (RP), the IfLS is developing an operational plan with an integrated action plan that supports agriculture in the region, provides impetus for a better perception of its environmental and social services and, if possible, encourages innovative approaches.

From September 12 to 13, 2019 the kick-off meeting of the partners took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. A glance at the respective regions and specific political instruments showed that urban agriculture offers many opportunities and impulses for higher resource efficiency, but also an increased well-being of the inhabitants. Transport routes, processing, storage and packaging are reduced, while local products and urban locations receive added value, for example through the preservation of green and cultural landscapes.

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss key issues for improving the policy framework and to agree on common objectives for learning activities, communication, management and monitoring of the project.

Until the next joint meeting in March 2020 in Frankfurt, the partners in their regions will work to encourage local politics to adopt productive business and revitalisation models and will continue to share their experiences.

Detailed information on the individual regions can be found on the project website.

Contact person: Simone Sterly (sterly[at]