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regiosöl is looking forward to the cooperation with Regionalwert AG Freiburg and Regionalwert Impuls GmbH

Since the beginning of June 2021, Regionalwert AG Freiburg as well as Regionalwert Impuls GmbH are officially new partners in the project regiosöl. Within the project, different tools for sustainability analysis on farms were evaluated: The Regional Value Sustainability Analysis (RWNA) and Performance Calculation, developed by Regionalwert AG Freiburg, have proven to be particularly suitable and easy to use. The RWNA is a self-check in which more than 200 key figures are queried and evaluated in the dimensions of ecology, social affairs and regional economy. For the farm management, this provides valuable information on where the farm is already performing well or how certain areas can be improved. The performance accounting system also provides the farm with monetary evidence of the social, ecological and regional economic services it has provided.

The objectives of the cooperation are the review and adaptation of the RWNA and performance accounting on the basis of about 50 organic farms each in the two pilot regions Rhineland and Northern Hesse. At the same time, the additional socio-ecological indicators developed in the regiosöl project will be tested. In addition to the contributions to operational sustainability, the social services provided by organic farms in organic agriculture, for example in the preservation of cultural heritage or their contribution to the landscape character, local recreation or health promotion, will thus also be recorded.

In the next step of the regiosöl project, these data will also be considered for the recording of the services of organic farms at the regional level.

Contact person at IfLS: Simone Sterly (sterly[at]