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Pathways towards biodiversity-enhancing dairy production: the first support group meeting in the GOBIOM project

In the context of the GOBIOM project, the first virtual meeting with the monitoring group took place at the beginning of December. The aim of the meeting was to present the project and its work packages, to get to know the expectations and wishes of the participants regarding the project, and to discuss the future role of the monitoring group. In addition to the project team, 11 representatives of the organic model regions Freiburg and Ravensburg, the Landscape Conservation Association Ravensburg, the regional councils Freiburg and Tübingen, the State Office for Agriculture, Food and Rural Areas (LEL) and the Working group rural agriculture e.V.(AbL e.V.) participated.

After the introduction of all participating actors, the project partners presented the project idea and the individual work packages. In the subsequent discussion, the participants emphasized, among other things, the need to consider the economic framework conditions and social expectations in order to develop practicable and financially viable options for action. These aspects will be addressed in the second phase of the project, particularly in the analysis of the dairy production system and in the development of governance recommendations.

In addition, the participants discussed the future role of the monitoring group and the expectations and wishes for the project. In view of the strong decline of biodiversity in grassland, the members of the monitoring group consider the project very relevant. However, in order to create acceptance and conditions for further operational developments, the practical relevance with tangible added value for farmers is a central expectation of the project.

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