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National Park LAG Erbeskopf starts the participation process for the creation of the new LILE

In the years 2023-2029, the successful LEADER model will be continued as part of the national strategic plan for the Common Agricultural Policy. The state of Rhineland-Palatinate gave the starting signal on December 28, 2020 with the expression of interest procedure and called on interested regions to apply for LEADER. With the official kick-off event on February 25, 2021, the development process is now open. As one of 22 Rhineland-Palatinate regions, the Erbeskopf Local Action Group (LAG) has also begun developing its Local Integrated Development Strategy (LILE). The IfLS supports the LAG Erbeskopf in the development and process monitoring.

A broad participation process in the region is fundamental for the development of the LILE. With an online survey, the participation process has officially started on Thursday, 29.04.2021! The focus of the survey is the identification of strengths and weaknesses as well as the derivation of regional needs for action and possible priority topics, which will be concretized in the further course of the participation process. This gives regional stakeholders the opportunity to make a decisive contribution to the precise creation of the LILE for their region.

The LILE provides information about the area, the composition of the LAG, the management as well as the needs, fields of action and objectives with the corresponding implementation modalities. A special feature of the Erbeskopf LAG is the large overlap of the area with the Hunsrück Hochwald National Park, which is why the LAG also sees itself as the Erbeskopf National Park LAG.

More information on the development of the LILE and the start of the participation process can be found here and here (in German).

Contact persons at IfLS: Svea Thietje (thietje[at] and Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein (gehrlein[at]