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Group workshops in the Global Sustainable Community project: Finalisation of goals and project development of the municipal sustainability strategies

Within the framework of the project "Globally Sustainable Municipality", group workshops were held in each of the three participating municipalities to finalise the goals of the municipal sustainability strategies and to develop projects.

In the city of Speyer (workshop on 19.06.2023) and the municipalities of Sprendlingen-Gensingen (on 01.07.2023) as well as Deidesheim (on 12.07.2023), a large number of representatives from different areas came together - including representatives from the administration, civil society or politics. The participants had the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experience and to work together on shaping the future of the respective municipality.

During the three workshops, the previous drafts of the project's objectives and measures were reviewed and refined. Different working groups were formed to address specific topics such as sustainable management, communities in "der Einen Welt", environmentally friendly mobility and social inclusion. Each working group developed concrete projects and measures to achieve these goals. For this purpose, prefabricated profiles were elaborated in the workshops.

In a next step IfLS Consulting and Projects Ltd. together with the Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen Biosphere Reserve as the project sponsor and all three municipalities, will further elaborate the fact sheets and develop an implementation concept.

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