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Future workshop for the creation of the LILE for the LEADER region Erbeskopf

On the basis of the previous participation steps, development goals were drawn up in the fields of action 1. village and urban development, 2. regional economy and energy, 3. tourism and regional identity, and 4. natural and cultural landscape.

The citizens, expert partners and municipal representatives of the LEADER Region Erbeskopf can already look back on a long participation process. After an online survey and four idea workshops in the future fields of action of the LAG Erbeskopf, the participants discussed the future development strategy for the region in the future workshop on 26 October 2021 in Hermeskeil.

In September, the mayors of the region had already discussed the potential goals in the four fields of action in a steering group. The future workshop now gave all other regional stakeholders and interested parties the opportunity to round off the development strategy. After a brief introduction to the current state of the LILE, the participants had the opportunity to evaluate the developed fields of action in an open-space format and write down changes, fine-tune the slogan for the region or fill out project profiles at a work table.

The IfLS supports the LAG Erbeskopf in the development of the LILE. All suggestions submitted will be used to refine the strategy, which is to be submitted to the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture in March 2023.

More information on the LEADER region Erbeskopf can be found here.

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