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Town marketing and urban development concept for the Gedern municipality and the Gedern lake

Changes in the urban development of the Gedern municipality as well as the touristic development of the Gedern lake call for strategic decisions concerning the town´s and the lake´s future development. Difficult economic conditions require a future-oriented urban development and development as touristic destination implemented by a concerted strategy allowing for an optimal use of the resources available.

Against this background the touristic town marketing and development concept for the Gedern municipality and the Gedern lake is to provide a framework of orientation for a medium- to long-term development of the municipality considering town center development, retail trade and infrastructure as well as – if need be – further aspects of urban development. At the same time the development concept, as marketing concept, is intended to contribute to an increased touristic appeal of the town and the lake. Both objectives imply consequences for the future steering of the municipality´s development.

The integrated town marketing and development concept allows for the various demands and target groups, bundling harmonised development goals in a consistent implementation strategy. Thus the concept combines the planned touristic modernisation and supra-local integration of the Gedern lake with a holistic urban development of Gedern.

The future development of the Gedern lake and its consideration in the context of the touristic development of the town as a whole is considered in the partial concept ‘Tourism, leisure and culture’. It is aimed at demonstrating development prospects for the Gedern lake considering Gedern´s tourism-oriented development based on an assessment of potentials, at developing an implementation strategy and at arranging for corresponding measures. At this the development of the lake and its wider surroundings in line with the Wetterau district´s touristic structural concept is one special focal point.

In order to create an implementation-oriented concept to be realised directly after elaboration as possible, conceptualisation is to take place including the relevant economic actors and other actors concerned as well as administration and the municipal parliament. For these purposes a comprehensive participation process including workshops and working groups with about 50 committed citizens as well as agencies participating is organised and implemented by the IfLS.

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Municipality of Gedern, Office for District Development



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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein