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Synthesis study on modernising and simplifying the CAP (Framework contract for the evaluation studies of the CAP)

Between February and May 2017, there was a public consultation on modernising and simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) accessible to all interested EU citizens. Data was collected through an online questionnaire made available on the website of DG Agriculture. It included 28 closed questions and five open questions.

The IfLS contributed to data analysis by categorising part of the open questions.

Results were presented at a stakeholder conference on 7 July 2017 in Brussels. Findings will also be made available online by the Commission. Together with further activities, the survey results will feed into the Commission’s forthcoming Communication on ‘Modernising and Simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)’.

The assignment for the survey analysis as a whole is coordinated by the Ecorys consultancy company and is part of the overarching Framework contract for evaluation studies of the CAP.

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European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Regional Development



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Simone Sterly