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Study for the development of foundations of the implementation of a national marshland protection strategy

About 5% of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany stem from drained marshlands. In order to achieve Germany’s climate goals, a re-irrigation is thus necessary. Re-irrigating marshlands also creates further ecosystem services and fosters the protection of biodiversity.

Against this background the Federal Government of Germany plans a strategy for the protection of marshlands and the implementation of first measures in this legislative term. The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation commissioned the IfLS with a study on scientific foundations that are needed to develop and implement this national protection strategy for marshlands.

The research project contains two complementary steps. Firstly, existing marshland protection strategies of the federal states and other EU-states as well as further documents that offer starting points and relevant content for the development of a national marshland protection strategy are going to be systematically reviewed.

Secondly, two national expert workshops are planned in which relevant corner stones for marshland protection are to be determined. The first workshop aims at developing focal points for the marshland protection strategy. In the second workshop these focal points are to be more thoroughly elaborated.

The implementation of the analyses as well as the organization and contentual conception of the workshops are going to be planned in close coordination with the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the Federal Ministry for Environmental Protection.

Results of the research project are going to be published to the commissioner in two preliminary and one final report.




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Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), Germany



Contact person/s at IfLS: 

Jörg Schramek, Heike Nitsch