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Species conservation in the light of modernised agricultural techniques

Half of Germany's land is used for agriculture, about 70 % of which is arable land. A massive decline in both species diversity and abundance can be observed, especially on intensively used agricultural land.

At the same time, land management is subject to constant development, be it due to desired increases in efficiency and effectiveness, in the course of adapting to climate change (e.g. minimum tillage, irrigation methods), or in order to address environmental aspects (e.g. by means of agroforestry or paludiculture). This is also accompanied by the development of new techniques and equipment (e.g. development of application techniques for fertilisert or pesticides, mechanical weed control and electro-weeding).

The aim of the R+D project funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation is to carry out an extensive literature and internet research on current, currently developing and future technologies on arable land as a first approach. Within the framework of this research, the (potential) impacts on selected species or species groups of wild animals are to be determined. Finally, a catalogue of measures with possible avoidance measures is to be drawn up.

The project is coordinated by the DLR project management organisation. The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), which is also involved, is particularly concerned with technologies and management strategies. Ulrich Sander as a freelance biologist is contributing special species knowledge. The IfLS will participate in the research and contribute its expertise on instruments and measures that could be used to implement possible prevention measures.

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Research | Sustainable land use |


Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)

Executing Organization: 

Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS)



Contact person/s at IfLS: 

Heike Nitsch, Jörg Schramek

Project management: 

Heike Nitsch (nitsch[at], Jörg Schramek (schramek[at]


external project partners: DLR project management, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), Ulrich Sander (freelance biologist)