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Short study on a partner programme of UNESCO-Geoparks in Germany

The short study identified possible criteria for a partner programme of UNESCO geoparks in Germany. A partner programme is a type of criteria catalogue (e.g. quality and environmental standards) that contains specifications formulated with a view to specific partners (e.g. tourism, crafts, agriculture, in this case mining companies) of UNESCO geoparks.

In addition to researching and presenting existing framework conditions and criteria for partner programmes of National Natural Landscapes, Geoparks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the analysis focused on possible lines of conflict with geopark-specific partner companies, such as mining companies. The extent to which existing rules and regulations are to be adopted, adapted or reformulated in the sense of geopark-specific partner companies is the subject of this short study.

The study aimed for internal strategic orientation. For this reason the study is inedited.  


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Consulting | Large protected areas and cultural landscape |


Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission e.V.

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Institut für Ländliche Strukturforschung e.V.



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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein

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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Nicola von Kutzleben, Moritz Schmidt