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Regional Development Concepts (REK) for participation in LEADER-related competitions for the regions of Giessen, Hersfeld-Rothenburg, Odenwald, Oberhessen, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Pfälzer Bergland

The IfLS accompanied six regions in the preparations for a participation in LEADER competitions in the Federal States of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

In Hesse the IfLS accompanied four regions – namely Giessener Land, Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Odenwald and Oberhessen – in the elaboration of corresponding development concepts. Over a period of eight months each, overall concepts for the regional development, and development strategies related to fields of action were worked out under broad participation of regional actors. Additionally, lead projects representing the region’s focal points for the upcoming years were developed. The expansion of regional value added chains and support to entrepreneurial and civil engagement were the most important aspects in the elaboration of these strategies.

North Rhine-Westphalia:
A similar approach was adopted for creating a territory-related integrated rural development concept (GIEK) for the Siegen-Wittgenstein region, where three ILE (integrated rural development) regions joined at administrative district level to form a region, and formulated a common development concept as the result of a three-month elaboration process.

After successful participation in the Rhineland-Palatinate LEADER competition in 2007, the IfLS accompanied the Pfälzer Bergland region in the elaboration of a Local Integrated Rural Development Concept (LILE). Corresponding to the two-tier application procedure, the task was to further develop the initial conceptual considerations presented in the contribution submitted to the LEADER competition earlier. Elaboration was accomplished during a three-month process. Within the framework of Local Action Groups’ meetings and thematic workshops on specific fields of measures, the profile of the regional development’s overall concept and of development strategies related to fields of action was further enhanced. Furthermore, new focal measures to provide the basis of the region’s project work in the upcoming years were developed. Besides tourism areas such as the Glantal and Westrich-Weg, especially the potentials of regional value added in the field of renewable raw materials will be better realised. Demographic change, the maintenance of the varied natural and cultural landscape as well as securing the quality of life and local procurement for the population are special challenges posed to the region.

The development concepts were worked on by the IfLS in cooperation with the following partners:

  • Schwab & Partner
  • All-in-one-spirit and
  • Odenwald Institute.

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Giessen County, Department of Economic Development, Hersfeld-Rotenburg County, Economic Development Corporation, Odenwald Community of Interests (IGO), Oberhessen Association, Siegen-Wittgenstein County, Kusel County


2007 - 2008

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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein