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Provision of Public Goods through the European Union Agriculture

The aim of this study is to provide a description and an assessment of the provision of public goods through agriculture, based on a sound theoretical foundation, a review of the relevant literature and data sets, and empirical information taken from case studies. Following an overview of the relevant types of public goods as well as the economic, structural, and bio-physical context of their provision, the study will discuss how to target policy measures to needs. As regards the latter, the study will take into account also the role of public goods in economic activities relevant for rural development (e.g. rural tourism, recreation business, marketing of local goods etc.). The study will pay attention to the diversity of rural areas across the EU and discuss how far the specific approach of Rural Development Policy accomplishes local needs with synergies gained through Community action (e.g. through mutual learning, common disciplines, and co-financing).

With reference to the intervention logic of each measure (causality between the policy and the achievement of the desired outcomes), the study will finally discuss scenarios for a cost-effective provision of public goods associated with agriculture, subject to changing economic and structural circumstances.

Project Coordination: IEEP London

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EU Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture



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Simone Sterly