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Present situation and prospects for the integration of nature conservation aspects into the marketing of agricultural products

The study aimed at analysing the status of the integration of nature conservation with agricultural marketing as well as formulating suggestions for the future development of this field of action. A synopsis of different actors’ activities shows: The marketing of agricultural products and food is a strategy already often made use of in the area of nature conservation. Besides a literature review, 20 interviews with experts from the areas of nature conservation, agriculture and marketing were conducted.

At first, the experts were asked products from which systems of agricultural production should be termed and marketed as ‘produced nature- and environment-friendly’. Furthermore, they were asked to estimate which product groups were suited best for marketing in conjunction with nature conservation and landscape care. These products turned out to be beef, lamb and apple-juice from orchard meadows. The relevance of the practised forms of crop cultivation and livestock farming for nature conservation as well as the business economics and market conditions of these products were object of detailed analysis in the context of the study. It illustrates the most important target groups and consumers’ motivations to purchase premium-products. Possible marketing and labelling strategies for goods produced nature-friendly are thoroughly discussed.
Above that, regional marketing ecology, economy and law as well as the promotion instruments available are presented. The study is concluded suggesting further action and research necessary in order to improve the marketing of goods produced nature-friendly.

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Research | Large protected areas and cultural landscape |


Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)


2000 - 2001

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Armin Kullmann

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Armin Kullmann