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Preparation of a nature park plan for the Taunus Nature Park

With the support of the IfLS, the Taunus Nature Park is developing a new nature park plan. After its foundation in 1962, after almost 50 years of working in the nature park, a work package for the future will be put together from existing goals and projects that need to be critically examined, as well as new tasks for a period of about ten years.

To strengthen the implementation and acceptance of the work in nature parks, regional actors will be involved in the process in different ways employing different methods. They have the opportunity to help shape goals and projects in the following topics:

  • nature conservation and cultural landscape
  • regional development and green economy
  • local recreation and sustainable tourism
  • environmental education and Public Relations

Furthermore, it will be built on already existing regional strategies and concepts, such as the six LEADER-regions located in the area of the nature park.

In this process, IfLS draws on its many years of experience in developing regional development concepts. It also contributes its expertise at the interfaces between nature conservation, regional development and agriculture.

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Conception | Events and participatory processes | Large protected areas and cultural landscape |


Association of the Taunus Nature Park



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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Britta Düsterhaus