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Pilot project - Establishing an operational programme: structuring the agri-food sectors to safeguard the handing-on of family farms and the sustainability of local agriculture

On behalf of DG AGRI (Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development), Ecorys is conducting a Europe-wide pilot project on the expansion of funding opportunities for operational programs of producer organizations. The IfLS is contributing with research on Germany and Austria.

Within the framework of the new CAP period, an extension of the support of operational programs, which so far only existed in the fruit and vegetable sector, to producer organizations of other sectors is intended. The project is to provide insights into existing support structures for producer organizations and the interest in the implementation of operational programs in the different member states. For this purpose, a survey will be conducted among producer organizations as well as an analysis of rural development plans and interviews with experts. On this basis and by means of case studies, one of which will be conducted by the IfLS in Germany, suitable funding options for operational programs will be designed. Measures will be developed to make it easier for producer organizations to design and conceptualize their operational programs.

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Research | Agricultural policy |


European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development

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Institue for Rural Development Reserach (IfLS)



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Simone Sterly, sterly[at]

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Simone Sterly, Johannes Lang, Carla Wember