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Needs assessments related to demographic change

Demographic change affects services of public interest in many ways. The IfLS conducted two needs assessments for the fields of housing infrastructure and local supply.

The need for “housing at old age” has been identified for the Lahn-Taunus ILE region. This analysis aimed at reflecting the current housing situation on the one hand, but additionally the requests and needs of the present and future elderly people. For the enquiry of the current situation a household survey within the three associations of municipalities as well as expert interviews with regional actors and group discussions with citizens were conducted.

Recommendations and fields of action to ensure the region’s future attractiveness have been developed together with the responsible project group. Based on this, first projects are in preparation. 

The field of local supply has been examined in the SPESSARTregional MORO region. Catchment areas of local supply will change in the course of demographic change. The closest local supplier is not necessarily the one favoured by consumers. The goal was to find out how and where people do their purchasing and which requirements they have regarding local supply. For this purpose a household survey was conducted in selected municipalities. Based on the insights, deepening interviews were led with store managers. The results of the needs assessment will contribute to the development of the regional MORO strategy.

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Consulting | Regional development |


ILE-Region Lahn-Taunus, LEADER-Region SPESSARTregional


2012 - 2013

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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Nicola von Kutzleben