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Nature conservation project "New pastoral paths in the Palatinate Forest" - Socio-economic analysis as part of maintenance and development planning

A maintenance and development plan (PEPL) for the conservation of the species-rich open-land biotopes and drift paths will be drawn up for the 8,500-hectare development area of the nature conservation project "New pastoral paths in the Palatinate Forest" between 2018 and 2020. In addition, the IfLS carries out a so-called "socio-economic analysis" on behalf of the Pfälzerwald Biosphere Reserve.

The task of this analysis is to acquire the social and economic conditions in the project area and to derive opportunities and risks in terms of the objectives and implementation of measures of the PEPL. On this basis, solutions will be developed which take sufficient account of nature conservation objectives as well as other interests. In particular, interests between nature conservation and agriculture as well as tourism must be united and the acceptance and willingness to cooperate of the relevant regional actors must be won.

First, the management situation in the project area is recorded in order to identify different interests and possible potential for conflict in following discussions with land users and other affected groups. In this way, recommendations for action and problem solutions can be derived for a successful outcome of the nature conservation project.

The project is funded by the federal government and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The analysis is carried out in close cooperation with the IUS office, which is preparing the PEPL.

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Conception | Socio-economics of farm business |


Pfälzerwald Biosphere Reserve

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Institut für Ländliche Strukturforschung e.V.



Contact person/s at IfLS: 

Jörg Schramek, Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Bettina Spengler

Project management: 

Jörg Schramek, Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein, Bettina Spengler, Svea Thietje