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Nature and biodiversity in political communication

The ‘Nature and biodiversity in political communication’ project’s objective is to develop a communication strategy which will contribute to an increased public awareness especially of the issues of nature and national biodiversity. This communication strategy is to be tailored and addressed to relevant and well-accessible target groups. In order to differentiate regarding these groups, the ‘social milieus’ developed by Sinus Sociovision as well as the ‘life-style approach’, are used. .lichtl Ethics & Brands, an agency for sustainability communication and marketing, is our project partner.
The project starts out with an analysis of current studies and campaigns in the field of communication on nature topics, nature conservation and biodiversity. Based on the findings, first approaches to a nature- and biodiversity-related communication are sketched out. At this, the development of target-group-oriented metaphors and picture language is a focal point. Within the framework of a creative workshop involving experts from the fields of communication science, sociology, ecology, marketing and journalism, the core elements of the communication strategy as well as metaphors and picture language are further developed. All project results will be fed into ‘guidelines on target-group-oriented nature and biodiversity communication’ to be published.

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Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)



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Simone Sterly