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Multi-actor and transdisciplinary development of efficient and resilient MIXED farming and agroforestry-systems – MIXED

The European MIXED project aims to promote the development of mixed agricultural and agroforestry systems in Europe in the face of more extreme weather conditions. It is studying the benefits of these systems in terms of climate, environment and society. For example, they take into account agronomic, technical, environmental, economic and social benefits and constraints and optimize efficiency and resource use, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are more resilient to climate change.

In the course of MIXED, the 19 project partners will develop, improve and implement efficient and resilient mixed systems together with organic and conventional farmers, researchers and other stakeholders. The aim is to create networks throughout Europe covering a wide range of different mixed agricultural and agroforestry systems. In addition, a basis of scientific knowledge about the different methods and systems is to be created, which contributes to a sustainable development of the European agricultural sector.

MIXED, led by Aarhus University (Department of Agroecology) and the International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems, is funded by Horizon 2020, the European Union's framework programme for research and innovation. The Institute for Rural Development Research and the ‘Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schwäbisches Donaumoos’ form the German part of the network of 19 partners in ten European countries.

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European Commission, Horizon 2020

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Institut für Ländliche Strukturforschung e.V.



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Simone Sterly, Holger Pabst