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Mid-term evaluation of the Rural Development Programme (EPLR) in the Federal State of Brandenburg – Evaluation of the Agri-Environmental Programme

The individual EPLR measures assessed within the framework of the mid-term evaluation are the following:

  • compensatory payments in areas with environment-specific constraints under the terms of article 16 of EU regulation 1257/1999;
  • agricultural land use typical for the Spreewald region in the Lehde and Leipe municipalities under the terms of article 20 of EU regulation 1257/1999;
  • agri-environmental measures (KULAP 2000) under the terms of article 22 of EU regulation 1257/1999.

Task of the mid-term evaluation is the assessment of the essential aspects of the promotional framework regarding relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, benefits and sustainability of the measures promoted, subject to the status of programme implementation. This applies relating to the general objectives of rural development policy at federal level as well as regarding the individual needs and the specific objectives defined by the development plan for rural areas.

The mid-term evaluation especially serves the assessment of the first results, their relevance and accordance with the programme plan as well as of the realisation of objectives taking into account assessment questions required by the European Commission. Furthermore, the efficiency of budget adminstration as well as the quality of monitoring and realisation are being evaluated.

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Evaluation | Rural areas |


Federal State Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning in Brandenburg


2002 - 2003

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Jörg Schramek