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Integrated rural development concept for Hundem-Lenne Region, Wittgenstein Region, Siegtal Region, Barnim County, Bigge Region, Bigge-Lenne-Sorpe Region, the municipalities of Katzenelnbogen and Nassau

Based on the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia’s and Brandenburg’s directives for the promotion of an integrated rural development (ILE) the IfLS devises an integrated rural development concept (ILEK). The ILEK is intended to provide the basis for a targeted influence on the conservation and development of rural areas as spaces of living, working, recreation and nature. Based on the ILEK inter-communal co-operation between the municipalities involved in the project region as well as the establishment of a regional management will take place.

The objective is to develop an overall concept for the region’s rural development over the next five to ten years which is indicating an integrated development strategy for specific fields of action. This development strategy will be substantiated by the arrangement of core tasks and projects in fields of action to be specified.

The ILEK is intended

  • to contribute to the improvement of regional value added in rural area,
  • to contribute to the maintenance and creation of jobs and
  • thus to enduringly strengthen rural areas’ economic power.

In order to serve the objectives described, planning approaches and concepts existing – inter-regional, related to rural districts or partial areas – which might provide interfaces and indicate interdependence require special consideration.

At the same time regional actors participate in the development of the concept because it is them who are to substantially contribute to the realisation of the ILEK’s objectives. At this, one of the central points of departure is the promotion of regional networking, co-operation and communication. To this end a comprehensive participation process regarding regional actors is organised and implemented by the IfLS.

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Municipalities of Lennestadt and Kirchhundem, Zweckverband Region Wittgenstein, Municipalities of Hennef, Windeck and Eitorf, Barnim administrative district, Office for Economic Development, Planning and Construction, Municipalities of Wenden, Drolshagen and Olpe, Municipalities of Finnentrop, Attendorn and Sundern, Associated Municipalities of Katzenelnbogen and Nassau


2006 - 2007

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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein