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Final PLENUM evaluation of the model regions Westlicher Bodensee and Allgäu-Oberschwaben

The state project preservation and development of nature and environment (PLENUM) pursues an extensive strategy for the longterm securing of biodiversity and habitats as well as a permanently environmentally compatible development of its cultivated landscape. In 2011 PLENUM is carried out in the two model regions Western Lake Constance and Allgäu-Oberschwaben. Subsequently it will be evaluated with regard to its nature converservation effects as well as its socio-economic effects. We have been commissioned by the regional office for the environment (LUBW) to carry out the evaluation of the socio-economic effects.

For this purpose we will investigate quantitatively and qualitatively the socio-economic effects in both model regions on the basis of a regional incident analysis. There will be focus groups and interviews with regional disseminators and elected representatives. In addition a quantitatively analysis of the project results will be carried out. The nature conservation effects will be evaluated by the institute for botany in Karlsruhe.

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Evaluation | Large protected areas and cultural landscape |


Regional office for the environment (LUBW)


2010 - 2011

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Dr. Ulrich Gehrlein