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Evaluation of the PLENUM Programme: Statistical analysis, identification of success factors and assessment of socio-economic effects

The project is divided into three modules. Module 1 encompasses the establishment of a database for regional-level structural data. These cover the areas of general physical and social geography (area, inhabitants etc.), agriculture and forestry as well as tourism and environmental education, as far as available from the State Office of Statistics. On the one hand, the ACCESS-database is to allow the LfU and the management teams in the PLENUM regions quick access to structural data, e.g. in order to assess the feasibility of specific projects in individual regions. On the other hand, at a later stage structural data are to be used for the comparison of different regions with respect to possible socio-economic effects of the PLENUM programme.

Module 2 encompasses a success factor analysis (EFA) for the work of the regional management teams using regional marketing as an exemplary field of action. The EFA method is based on the success factors for regional marketing projects developed within the framework of the R&D measure ‘Regional Marketing in Biosphere Reserves’ initiated by the Federal Agency for Nature Protection (BfN) and supplemented with a further comparison of methods. The 20 success factors were at first defined and fulfilled by the regional managers themselves, and afterwards by 3 to 5 invited stakeholders from the regions concerned. Explanations of the individual assessments helped to quickly and unerringly identify remaining problematic issues of regional marketing as well as of the regional management and of the organisation of the PLENUM programme and to jointly elaborate optimisation strategies.

Module 3 concentrates on a first assessment of the socio-economic effects of the PLENUM programme. Based on preliminary methodology work by the IfLS on this question, first effects on employment, income and value added are to be recorded for the 5 existing PLENUM regions, as far as feasible. It is planned to examine 1 or 2 major projects in each of the regions with respect to the above-mentioned effects.

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Evaluation | Large protected areas and cultural landscape |


Landesanstalt für Umwelt (LfU) Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe (Regional Office for the Environment)


2003 - 2004

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Armin Kullmann

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Armin Kullmann