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Evaluation of the CAP Reform from an environmental point of view – GAPEval

The project, which is coordinated by the Institute of Rural Studies of the Thuenen Institute, aims at (a) evaluating the CAP-reform from an environmental viewpoint and with a focus on Germany, (b) assessing the recommendations of the EU-Commission in the „mid-term-review“ of the reformed CAP in 2017 and (c) developing potential alternative proposals for adaptation in order to reach the environmental objectives of the CAP. The focus is on abiotic environmental protection. The involved institutions ensure close cooperation with further projects on the evaluation of the CAP in the framework of the UFOPLAN.

Based on the analysis of IACS-data the environmental effect of the CAP-reform will be assessed by means of an indicator-set. The EAFRD-programmes of selected federal states will be examinated regarding their altered approach towards environmental aspects, and interviews will enable a systematical collection of the experiences of actors, that are involved in the practical implementation of the CAP (farmers, advisors, agricltural and environmental administration). IfLS is responsible for the interviews and involved in the analysis of EAFRD-programmes.

Eventually, the goal is to develop, at the level of instruments and measures, concrete and feasible recommendations for improving the desired environmental impacts.

The final report of this project is available online (in German).

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Research | Sustainable land use |


German Environment Agency (UBA)


2015 - 2017

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Heike Nitsch, Dr. Holger Pabst