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Enhancing scalable innovations and new business models based on urban farming ecosystem values – CityZen

Cooperation concept for the Rhine-Main Regional Park: Development of an action plan for 'Urban agriculture in the RhineMain Regionalpark'.

Urban agriculture in the Frankfurt-RhineMain metropolitan region is under increasing pressure due to new construction projects or transport infrastructures. Although agriculture accounts for less than 0.1% of gross value added in the region, it plays an important role in the provision of environmental and social services (landscape conservation, biodiversity, microclimate regulation, recreational areas and cultivation of niche products). For this reason, the development and support of new land management and entrepreneurial approaches is necessary.

In cooperation with the RhineMain Regionalpark (RP), the IfLS will develop an action plan with an integrated action plan as part of a regional strategy process that will support agriculture in the region. As part of the RP guiding concept of 2012, a new action plan 'Urban Agriculture in the Rhine-Main Regional Park' is to give impulses for a better perception of their environmental and social services and to encourage innovative approaches as far as possible.

The aim is to highlight agricultural ecosystem services and best practice examples on topics such as resource efficiency, multifunctionality, sustainable income opportunities, civic participation and the preservation of green and cultural landscapes in conurbations.

The project is part of the Interreg project 'CityZen', which promotes urban agriculture as a successful driving force for economic and social change. In a total of five European partner regions (Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Germany), CityZen wants to sensitise regional policy to green innovation and resource efficiency and make it more sustainable by integrating models and practices of urban agriculture (e.g. in the areas of food quality/safety/waste management, community development and quality of life).

More information on CityZen and the partner projects can be found on the project page.

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2019 - 2022

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Simone Sterly, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Gehrlein

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Simone Sterly, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Gehrlein, Lisa Gebhard