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Development of a Cross Compliance Assessment Tool – C-CAT

The main objective of C-CAT is to develop an analytical tool that enables the integrated assessment of the impact of Cross Compliance (CC) at different geographical scales ranging from the European (markets) to regional and farm levels. Impacts assessed by the tool include effects on agricultural markets, farm incomes, land use, soil, water, air, climate, biodiversity and landscapes, as well as food safety, animal welfare and health.

The project will then use the methodology and tool to actually evaluate the impact of cross-compliance since 2005. However, for food safety and health it is 2006 and for animal welfare it will be 2007 requiring assumptions for forecasting results.

C-CAT will fill a knowledge gap in understanding the effects of the instrument of CC for reaching Europe’s environmental and socio-economic sustainability goals of the Lisbon Strategy and laid down by the European Council of Gothenburg in June 2001. The project’s results can provide useful information to the debate on the effectiveness of CC policy in the EU. With the CAP Health Check scheduled in 2008 and the EU budget review expected in 2009, assessment results of the impacts of Cross Compliance as produced in this project should come in very useful.

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European Commission, Directorate-General for Research


2007 - 2009

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Jörg Schramek